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Pre-Owned / Excellent Condition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Pre-Owned / Excellent Condition 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Philips 313926857368 SSB Main Board 47PFL3603D/F7

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Part Number:313926857368
  • Brand:Philips
  • Model:47PFL3603D/F7
  • Part Number:313926857368
  • Part Type:SSB Main Board
  • Condition:Pre-owned EXCELLENT CONDITION
  • Warranty:30 DAYS
  • Location:120
This board can be confiqured for the models below.(DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW TO DO THIS! ! ! )

Philips 313926857368 SSB/Main Board SSB Main Board 47PFL3603D/F7

42MF438B/27 42MF438B/F7 47MF438B/27 47MF438B/F7 52MF438B/27 52MF438B/F7

42PFL5403D/27 42PFL5403D/85 42TA648BX/37 42TA648BX/F7 47PFL3603D/27 
47PFL3603D/F7 47TA648BX/37 52PFL3603D/27 52PFL3603D/F7 42PFL3603D/F7 
42PFL3603D/27 42PFL3403D/F7 32PFL3403D/85 32PFL5403D/27 32PFL5403D/F7 
32PFL5413D/85 52TA648BX/37

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